Hi! Well, I'll be sharing some fun facts about the conception of Hazel Blue, as well of the differences between the original idea and the actual comic. Well then, let's start: The title: "Hazel Blue" points to the main character's eye color change from hazel to blue, though I first thought of the title before I came with the plot. So, in a way, I decided what Hazel Blue stood for a little later. From Ephrem to Isabel: Believe it or not, the main character of HB was originally male, and was going to be called Ephrem. I decided to change genre to fit a more shoujoish approach of the story. BTW, Eros design is derived from Ephrem's. Inmortalia: Inmortalia was another story of mine, a modern retelling of Psyche and Eros myth. As you will see, I merged the concept of Inmortalia with the original idea of HB. Most of the designs for the characters come from Inmortalia. Plot: Although I kept many aspects of the original plot, I've modified a lot of them, too. I won't give away spoilers, so I can't talk about that a lot. One example of an idea I discarded was the organization being part of a secret society of humans exiled from the Garden of Eden, but keeping their memories of what happened long ago. Eidolon:Better known as the woman who stole Isabel's eyes. She was originally the love interest of Ephrem and had dark hair. Oberon: